Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon S

Costume Made By & Borrowed from : Amber (Ammie)
Timeline of Construction: May 2010



Like a lot of people, watching Sailor Moon in the mid-90s was my entrance point into the realm of Anime and Manga. I was hooked on SM from the first episode (I think one of my best friends, Kristin, who can remember what I was like then, would say that I was a little too obsessed with the show). XD I can remember going to see a Sailor Moon stage show that was put on at a big summer exhibition in Toronto and being enthralled by the costumed actors. It was magical.

Now 15 years later, to finally Cosplay from the series was like a dream come true. I've always wanted to Cosplay as a Sailor Scout (when I was a kid my mother made me a Sailor Moon costume that I proudly wore for a couple of Halloweens) but I never knew who I could pull off, nor did I feel like I could pattern a nice fuku. While, I still probably can't make my own Sailor uniform that would look clean and tailored, but my wonderful friend Ammie asked me to Cosplay as Saturn with her as Pluto as part of a Sailor Moon group that my friend Glay, along with her sister, were organizing with several other fantastic ladies. They were a couple of Scouts short to have a full group and Ammie had a Saturn costume that she had made in her closet that would fit me. I had never really thought about Cosplaying Saturn before, but my shortness and my pale skin made this Scout a good choice for me.

When I got to wear the costume on Friday of AN 2010 I was blown away by the beauty of the costume, besides having some minor troubles with my short limbs and the fit of the gloves and the boots, the fuku fit wonderfully. I even got to borrow Ammie's amazing silence glaive.

Being part of a big Sailor Moon group was a a lot of fun! The other group members looked gorgeous. Their attention to detail was amazing. I plan to commission Ammie later in the year to make me my own custom Sailor Saturn costume because Cosplaying from Sailor Moon is an experience that I will always treasure. I look forward to Cosplaying from Sailor Moon again in the future!

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2010 (Friday daytime)

Photo Credits
IcePhoenix (aka Juan), EleventhPhotograph & AkatsukiSky