Orihime Inoue - Bleach

Cost: $50
Time to Make: 10 hours
Timeline of Construction: May 2007



I wanted to Cosplay Orihime since late 2005 when I first started watching Bleach. I found her personality to be adorable and I loved her hair colour. I didn't get around to finding a wig and seriously thinking about Cosplaying her until October 2006, though, when Pam suggested we Cosplay Ishida and Orihime together. Things at the time didn't work out and I had to push this costume back until Anime North 2007. I did, however, find a really pretty wig on eBay that was a gorgeous colour for the character.

The outfit itself was very simple. I found a shirt in the boys section of Walmart that had the pocket on the right side. It originally had long sleeves, but I cut them down and hemmed up the edges. I made the red bow out of a massive amount of red material that I originally bought for my ZAFT uniform, but I didn't end up using it for that costume. The gold badge at the centre of the bow was made from a hair accessory that I cut down and painted. I bought the hair clips through eBay although one of the clips broke right after I got it so I had to glue it together. I already had the shoes and the socks.

The skirt was actually a problem to find. I wasn't keen on making it and Pam found a skirt for me at a second-hand store near her home. Unfortunately she lives in a different city. I had to wait until AN to get it from her. Originally it was a long skirt so at the con Pam measured, cut and hemmed it for me and I really appreciated her help. I ended up doing a nice shoot with Stillvisions at 2AM on Saturday of AN costume because it was pretty late by the time that I got to wear Orihime. XD SolarTempest took other lovely pictures of this costume at December Toronto AnimeCON '07. It's a nice and simple costume and I had a lot of fun Cosplaying Orihime.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2007 (Friday) & December Toronto AnimeCON 2007

Photo Credits
Stillvisions and SolarTempest