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Welcome to my Cosplay home on the net. My name is Rebecca (aka Stray Wind online). I've been Cosplaying since late 2001. I love the fellowship, challenges and creativity involved in making costumes. My forte is Cosplaying from survival horror video games as well as characters from Anime and games that I grew up enjoying. Since I began Cosplaying, I have worn over 80 costumes and I've attended over 75 conventions and major events. Cosplaying is an exciting journey and I look forward to future projects and events as my journey in the world of Cosplay continues.

-+- Updates -+-

March 30th, 2018
It's been a crazy week for me. I was dealing with a medical crisis related to one of my best friends so needless to say I've been stressed and worried, but things are finally improving for my friend and looking positive so I can start breathing again. I haven't been thinking about Cosplay that much over the last few days. I did order a prop acrylic Clear card to have for the next time I want to do a shoot in my Sakura Kinomoto school uniform. I also put in an order for a Dream wand. It was a little more than I expected to pay, but I just think it'll be such a neat prop for a Sakura shoot. Who knows, maybe this will inspire me to make more Sakura costumes in the future. :3 I rounded out my Cosplay purchasing by getting new buttons and some trim for that school uniform. I want to replace my current blouse buttons because they're too reflective and I want to see if I can add new trim to the skirt. I only just ordered those things a week ago so we'll see if I get them in time to update and wear Sakura to AN.

Something surprising just happened. My friend Stillvisions was able to edit and send me photos from a couple of shoots that I did with him back in October 2013. I honestly thought they were lost in the sands of time. It was from a day when my friend Ammie had been visiting Toronto so Kevin offered to do some shoots for us. The first was a Resident Evil 4 shoot and the other shoot was a Trick 'r Treat shoot. The Trick 'r Treat shoot was in honour of Ammie making a Laurie costume from the movie. Ammie and I got some photos together in which I was hidden in the background just as Sam would pop in and out of the different short films within the Trick 'r Treat movie. I added new photos to my Ashley costume page which you can find here and to my Sam costume page here. I'm really digging the nighttime Sam photos. Not as impressive of a shoot as my original Sam shoot with all the hordes of pumpkins, but this one shows off more of the costume and my updated lollipop which I purchased from a prop maker on eBay. It was a fun day and the photos are overall pretty nice so I'm really thrilled that he was able to dig them up for me. :3

I'm still waiting on photos from March Toronto ComiCON but I'm sure I'll have them by the end of April. I'll update here again as I fix up some of my costumes and when I know more about my situation with Anime North. The Nominoichi table reservations open up on the 8th and I'm already super excited to apply to get a table. I have plenty of things to sell and I'm looking forward to getting the chance to clean out part of my basement. XD Hopefully I do end up getting a table.

-+- Past Updates -+-

March 20th, 2018
Toronto ComiCON is over for another year. I did go to the con on Sunday. The day was pretty hectic though. I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to go to the con on Saturday especially once I heard it actually wasn't all that crowded or difficult to get tickets at the door. I missed my chance to see my good friend Ammie so that definitely brought down my enthusiasm for the weekend. ~_~

My friend Pan was kind enough to drive a few of us all the way down to the con at around 11:30AM on Sunday and we parked in the north building parking lot. I don't know how crazy it is to get parking during Fan Expo, but it certainly was a fairly painless process to make the trip downtown on Sunday and find parking at the con (although the south lot was totally full). The con itself was nice. Not super crowded, but by the time we got there and got our tickets, we didn't have much time to wander around before Pan and I had a shoot at 1PM with Kris Byers. We both took turns getting photos of our costumes (I debuted my new Sakura Kinomoto school uniform and Pan was dressed in her new Pidge from Voltron costume). I wasn't feeling very well, though, during our shoot time. I felt guilty for being pretty low on energy, but I appreciated Kris working with us and I'm excited to see how the photos turned out.

We finally got a chance to go into the dealer's room after the shoot, but only for a few minutes, really just enough time to grab some food before we headed off late to Marina Sirtis' panel. She played Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Pan mentioned she's quite witty and animated during her panels and boy were we ever in for a treat! She told lots of stories about the behind the scenes experience of working on Star Trek and her favourite topic, her local football team. Really glad I didn't miss the panel. She was amazing to listen to!

After that, we got to spend the last few minutes going through Artist Alley and the Dealer's Room. Honestly, we didn't have much time because the con closed at 5PM. I was able to buy a new ring from my favourite ring seller (I have 10 rings from Catherinette Rings now). XD I also found an artist selling a really cute Syaoran and Sakura fanart piece from the new Clear Card Anime. They were wearing the new school uniforms in it so it was an instant buy. The artist even asked me to get a photo with the fanart piece that I bought. (^^) After that we had to leave pretty quickly so I didn't get a chance to browse.

The con was a whirlwind and I spent half the day not feeling great, but between the fun photoshoot, seeing some friends and Marina Sirtis' panel, it was a nice experience. My Sakura costume went over well enough and I'm looking forward to wearing it again. I'm so happy with the fit I achieved with the blouse and that I finally made the pleated skirt work. Since the con, I did a bit more work on the wig to control the long strands of hair and I fluffed up the hair by the ahoge so it stands up better. I'm debating about buying more props for the costume for the next time I wear it. I'm looking at maybe buying her Dream wand. I can see some prop ones on sale that aren't too expensive and it could be fun for a shoot. I'm also thinking about buying a clear card. Finally, I'm debating about buying some lace to sew to the skirt. I have a slip to wear under the skirt, but I don't want to add another layer under my skirt so I skipped wearing it. You don't always see the lace layer so I think it's fine to skip it, but it might be nice to get lace to see how it would look.

My costume plans for AN are kind of up in the air now given that I don't have hotel space and I'm still debating how many days I want to attend the con. I'm strongly considering only going on Friday and Saturday. Friday will be nothing but the Nominoichi and I'm not sure I'm going to even bother Cosplaying that day. My plans for Saturday of the con are to re-wear my Sakura Haruno costume with my new wig and new boots that I ordered, but it all hinges on my friend Pan finishing her Naruto costume. She's not sure she'll have time to so I may switch to re-wearing my Sakura Kinomoto school uniform. I may only wear one costume to AN this year. It's all very uncertain.

Regarding my new Sakura Kinomoto costume, I was able to get some photos on my phone thanks to Pan so I posted the costume page with my detailed construction notes on the costume. You can view the page here. I should get photos back from Kris in the next few weeks so I'll update here again in April with more costume photos. Now that it's finally spring, I'm excited for the weather to start to warm up and for the greenery to grow back in again. I'm hoping to get a few costume shoots done this year. I'll cross my fingers that I can at least cross a couple of costumes off my photo backlog list!

March 17th, 2018
Super quick update. I should be at the con right now, but last night ComiCON posted on Facebook that they were sold out of advance Saturday passes and they were encouraging attendees who wanted a Saturday ticket to come after 2PM to purchase a day ticket. Having read that, at nearly midnight last night, Pan and I decided to postpone going to the con today so I will be attending ComiCon tomorrow. Sadly, a friend from out of town still went today and was able to easily get a Saturday ticket at the door at 11:30AM this morning so the con was being a bit alarmist with their social media posts. It doesn't sound anywhere near as crowded and frustrating as I expected today so I'm super disappointed that I changed my plans. We pre-purchased Sunday tickets so we're locked in. I have rescheduled shooting my new Sakura costume with Kris Byers to tomorrow so I should still have costume photos in a few weeks. Hopefully I can get a few pictures on my phone tomorrow. Still looking forward to seeing some friends and shopping so despite the setbacks, I'm looking forward to a fun con Sunday.

March 15th, 2018
My Sakura Kinomoto costume is thankfully done now! It's finally finished thanks to Pan stopping by tonight to trim my wig. I can't thank her enough for her help. I had to spend a few minutes reshaping the ahoge in the wig as well because I forgot that in the new Anime her hair antenna point to the back instead of to the sides. XD I also spent some time today adjusting a couple of buttons and cutting out a clear card for a prop. It's taken so long to get to this point. At least it's felt like a long time. All things considered, this was actually a pretty quick costume for me. It took nearly two months, but most evenings I only worked on it for half an hour or an hour and sometimes I took a couple of days off from working on it. I was kind of worried when I went to try the finished costume on about how it would fit, but it looks really sleek and nice. This is despite the fact it took me like 8 tries to finally get the pleats in the skirt figured out. In the end it was a fun project and I'm so glad that I got a chance to finally Cosplay from Card Captor Sakura. I can't wait to dive in and follow the new Anime. It's great to see so many classic series getting revivals right now.

Now I'm pretty excited for March Toronto ComiCON this weekend. Definitely looking forward to celebrating the fact that winter is nearly over and it's time to gear up for con season. I don't really have any major plans for the con but I'm excited to see some friends and check out the Artist Alley. I will be doing another shoot with Kris Byers of Sakura. It was lovely working with her last year on Madoka photos. I've been working on the write up for the costume so I'm excited to post the costume page when I get some photos of it. (^^) I will be attending the con for Saturday only, but I'm looking forward to having a fun day. :3

March 6th, 2018
I meant to write periodic updates here while I've been working on my Sakura Kinomoto costume. Instead I found myself spending a lot of time away from the computer sewing and not much time near my laptop. My Sakura costume is about 80% done now. I'm putting the finishing touches on the skirt now (fixing the pleats and adding snaps to close it up). It's been a journey getting Sakura done. The blouse is mostly done too. It just needs to be hemmed and to have the patch added to the shoulder. The tie is done as well. I had to adjust and recalculate the pleats on the skirt like 8 times. I even completely finished the skirt before going back to the drawing board because it looked really bad on me. The problem when you're dealing with really wide inverted box pleats is that they tend to open up as they flare out at your hips. Since I'm not a child, my hips really push them open so trying to manage 4 pleats like Sakura has looked laughable on me. My friend Pan eventually convinced me to compromise and now my finished skirt has 6 moderate sized pleats. It's not accurate, but it doesn't look as silly on me. I had to take artistic liberties with it, but for the sake of appearances, it was the right choice. I started with a rectangle piece so maybe pleating a circle skirt would have been better. I used up so much fabric that I didn't have enought to redo it. Maybe down the line I might try again, but the current skirt looks nice enough. Only issue is that I'm going to ignore the lace she has under the skirt. Still can't tell if that's supposed to be a seperate crinoline. I did buy a crinoline skirt, but I'm concerned that pairing up a crinoline skirt along with shorts will be too bulky under my skirt.

I'm pretty happy with how the blouse is looking, though, and the tie looks pretty cute. It was quite a bit of work to get everything together. Yet again I faced a costume that looked pretty simple to begin with, but somehow I faced a ton of pitfalls. The skirt should have taken like 3 hours to make from start to finish but instead took more like 15 hours over the course of three weeks. I still have to tackle fixing up the wig that I bought for the costume. It needs some styling. Still planning to wear this to MTAC so we'll see if I finish it up in time.

I ordered a new wig and boots for my Sakura Haruno costume. Things have changed in terms of costume accessories for sale since I made my costume a couple of years ago. I was able to find a cute wig that's a better colour and has a nice widow's peak which looks so much better than my original Sakura wig! My original wig was super heavy on my face because it was thick. The hairline on this wig looks really great for the character. I know I've been posting for weeks that I plan to make boot covers for Sakura. I even bought some spandex and sandals, but I noticed pre-made character specific boots you could buy look really nicely fitted. The sandals I had were kind of bulky and it seemed like a lot of trouble to go to when pre-made ones look pretty sleek and accurate. I was starting to dread working on the sandals so that's a load off my mind. They definitely weren't selling these particular boots back when I made Sakura or I would have bought them then for sure! XD Hopefully they turn out alright when I get them in a few weeks. I'll post here again when I finish my new Sakura Kinomoto costume. I'm crossing my fingers that everything works out.

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